Uramaki with Shrimps and Avocado and Garganega Brut

Fresh, delicious and tasty, these uramaki with shrimp and avocado are a sushi recipe that can be easy to prepare at home and serve for an aperitif with fish or alternatively as a main dish.To be matched with a glass of  Garganega Brut.


• 300 g of cooked rice ready for sushi

• 1 sheet of nori seaweed

• 100 g of peeled shrimps

• 1/4 avocado

• 2 teaspoons of sesame seeds

• 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise (or cream cheese)

Insert a  toothpick along the back of the shrimp (it will not curl during cooking), blanch a minute, drain. Cut into long slices the avocado.

To properly roll the uramaki you will need to use the typical mat, cover it with wrap so that the rolls stay firm and compact. Cut in half a sheet of nori seaweed, put it on the mat with the shiny side down and one long side towards you. Distribute on the surface half of the rice to a thickness of 1 cm. and sprinkle a teaspoon of sesame.

Carefully turn the seaweed on the other side. Spread the middle a little mayonnaise. Cover with half of shrimps and avocado.

Roll the mat carefullt. Compacted the roll by pressing it flat and with a sharp knife wet in water and rice vinegar, cut into eight equal slices. Do the same with the other roll.

You can sevire the uramaki accompanying them with a classic soy sauce and, for those who love strong flavors, wasabi.

Starting from the process of this recipe you can stuff uramaki with other ingredients;  you can enrich them with cream cheese, use another type of fish such as tuna or salmon and complete giving crunchiness to the preparation with chunks of cucumber.