Relaxing Massage at Corte Grisela

An extra cuddle for those who choose to stay at Corte Grisela. In the welcoming environment of the relax area with jacuzzil, you can choose to relax even more with a holistic massage. Ritual of the 8 Oils A sensory and emotional massage using a sequence of essential oils in therapeutic synergy, exerting a light touch along the 

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Happy Easter!

“We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Navajo proverb   Happy Easter from all of us, happy Easter from our vineyards, that have never instilled so much hope and rebirth as in this period.     See you soon! Tessari family

The day Spring overflew

One day, long time ago, humanity experienced a strange period. Men, women and children could no longer leave their homes: something evil went around the streets, a terrible evil that took their breath away. The only way to avoid it was to stay in their homes waiting for it to pass, doctors in hospitals, couriers to deliver, 

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It’s “GALDEGA” time!

In T.E.S.S.A.R.I. vinery the harvest is over! This vintage due to the difficult and unstable climatic conditions but with perseverance and commitment we have selected the best grapes to maintain our quality standards. Having said this, we have deemed it appropriate not to produce the 2019 vintage of our Bine Longhe. The drying in the 

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Harvest at Cantina T.E.S.S.A.R.I.

This describes the harvest from the Treccani vocabulary: vendémmia (harvest) s. f. [Lat. vīndēmia, lat. late vĭndēmia, comp. of the themes of vīnum “wine” and demĕre “levare”]. – 1. Agricultural operation of grape harvesting, to be consumed as a fruit and destined for vinification: to make the v .; the works of the v.; the 

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Wine ice pop!

The idea is refreshing, thirst-quenching but also a bit fanciful .. Wine ice pop! Does alcohol freeze? Pure ethyl alcohol freezes at -114 ° C, while water at 0 ° C. In order to freeze alcohol you need to add a part of water and sugar and for this reason ice lollies of any kind 

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EVO olive oil: extra virgin olive oil

Did you know that in addition to wine we also have a small production of olive oil? Our varieties are typical of the hills of the Soave Classico: Grignano, Leccino,  and Frantoio.  But what is the difference between extra virgin olive oil and olive oil? The extra virgin olive oil must be pure and have 

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