Wine Recipe: The Béarnaise Sauce

The béarnaise sauce, or béarnaise, is one of the finest preparations of French cuisine: it is prepared today in kitchens all over the world, to accompany meat or fish.

The perfect recipe of the Bernese sauce requires that the pepper used to flavor is Cayenna and that, in addition to the chopped tarragon, is added at the end also of the chervil; our version is simpler than the one found on haute cuisine books but we guarantee you the same a result worthy of the best restaurant in Paris!

Ingredients for about 500 gr

Yolk 4

Clarified butter 300 g

Water 70 ml

Soave Classico 50 ml

White wine vinegar 10 ml

Shallot 1

Tarragon 2 sprigs

Salt up to q.b.

White pepper q.b.

Lemon juice q.b.


To prepare the Bernese sauce, quickly rinse the tarragon under the water, then flip it and chop it finely. Peel the shallots and cut into wedges. In a saucepan, pour the water, white wine and white wine vinegar and season with white pepper and salt; add the shallot and half the chopped tarragon then bring the mixture to boil, low the heat and cook until it is reduced to a third.

Remove the infusion from the heat, let it cool down and filter the liquids. In a bowl put the 4 egg yolks and start to whisk them with a hand whisk or an electric mixer, incorporating the infusion flush. When the mixture is frothy, place the bowl on a boiling pot of water, cook the sauce in a bain-marie, continuing to work with the whisk.

Now pour the clarified hot butter into the mixture of egg yolks and continue to whisk until you get a smooth, soft and homogeneous mixture, similar to the consistency of the zabaglione. Remove the sauce from the heat and transfer it to a bowl; season with salt and pepper and add, if you like, a few drops of lemon juice and finally the remaining tarragon.

Mix to blend all the flavors and here is your béarnaise sauce ready to serve!