Happy Easter!

“We don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” Navajo proverb   Happy Easter from all of us, happy Easter from our vineyards, that have never instilled so much hope and rebirth as in this period.     See you soon! Tessari family

The day Spring overflew

One day, long time ago, humanity experienced a strange period. Men, women and children could no longer leave their homes: something evil went around the streets, a terrible evil that took their breath away. The only way to avoid it was to stay in their homes waiting for it to pass, doctors in hospitals, couriers to deliver, 

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A Romantic Weekend: Instruction for Use

Escape from the daily hurry, breathe some fresh air, enjoy the quiet countryside and a good glass of wine. Does it seem an utopian vision? An Unreachable mirage? Here are the instruction for use. ALLOW YOURSELF A GUILTY PLEASURE A glass of Soave Classico paired with local cheeses such as Monte Veronese or, why not, 

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Wine Grapes vs Table Grapes

Table Grapes Are Fat and Sassy Table grapes are grown in a way to make them more physically appealing. They are larger, seedless, with thicker pulp and thinner skins to give them that ideal ‘pop’ when you eat them. Table grapes have less acidity and also less sugar than a wine grape. Wine Grapes Are Lean 

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Pruning Method

The attention and care of the vineyard comes also through the pruning phases. Germano takes this care updating himself with new methods, which follow all the phases of life of the plant. At the beginning of this year he followed a pruning course update with “Simonit & Sirch”. Branched pruning allows the vine to grow 

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Vines are Crying

Vines start waking, still numb from winter but not sleeping anymore, they start drinking water from the soil: crying. They dont’ cry alone but together: they prefer to drink in unison, as if they learned from men who happily gather in front of a glass of wine.


Young vines need all the care: not weeding but hoeing the ground to prevent infest 


“This tells me a bright spring’s field: seed kindness, pick respect, grow serenity.” We chose this pic and quote to give you a moment of sun and peace from our vineyards. We hope it reaches you among the frenzy of post, comments, stories.

The Winery

“The starting point is always tradition that is then de-structured, rebuilt, updated.” Fernanda Gattinoni Located at the foot of the hills of Monteforte d’Alpone, the cellar of the Tessari family has been operating since 2007. The structure is an ideal blend between functionality and tradition. Spread over three floors, the cellar welcomes all the production 

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