The Bishops’ Palace of Monteforte d’Alpone

The first Palace of Bishops is documented in 1231, a few years after the “contract” of 1207, by which the City of Verona ceded the land to the bishopric of Monteforte in exchange for Legnago, Tregnago, Roverchiara and other locations. Today’s palace, placed in Monteforte’s main square, was built in the second half of the 

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The House of Brognoligo

The family Marassi or Marassini was already famous in Verona during the short domination of Carraresi, lords of Padua, before the city on the banks of Adige river submit himself to Venice. The original name of the family – Marassi or Marassini – was a nickname from marasso, a term designating a snake common in 

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A “Soave” Name

The word soave is an adjective, before being the proper name of the town of Soave. On the Italian vocabulary you find the following definition: a delicate sweetness, which leads to feelings of tender abandonment, or calm and placid serenity. It indicates the quality of what causes a feeling of satisfaction and tender delicate pleasure, reported 

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Our work: pruning

The attention and care for the vineyard pass also through the pruning phases of which Germano takes care. He follows all the stages of the plants life keeping up with the new methods. Branched pruning allows the vine to grow over the years in the space at its disposal along the row and to develop 

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From our Vineyards

In these days of sun and good weather we are taking care of our vineyards. With the will to produce healthier wines, our commitment starts right from the vineyard: for this reason we choose to look after our vines as naturally as possible.  

Soave Classico and its History

Do you know the history of Soave Classico? We recaped it for you… The presence of vines in our territory dates back to at least 40 millions years ago. The fossil found in the museum of Bolca, indicate the family of Ampelidee as the generating of European wild vines. In Tertiary Age the Alpone Valley, 

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News for the Vineyards

After the atmospheric conditions we had in the past years, some areas didn’t bear the excessive rains. In these days we are therefore working to restore the damaged areas. The difficulty is also due to the peculiar declivity of our vineyards, in particular of Magnavacche hill, the oldest one from where our story started.

Spring Time

After the international fairs, we are now full time committed in the winery and in the vineyards. During winter we pruned our vines and with spring’s arrival we are now replacing the old vines. Our vines are between 50 to 90 years old, with examples which pass 100 years on Magnavacche hill. Every year we 

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