Pruning Method

The attention and care of the vineyard comes also through the pruning phases. Germano takes this care updating himself with new methods, which follow all the phases of life of the plant. At the beginning of this year he followed a pruning course update with “Simonit & Sirch”. Branched pruning allows the vine to grow 

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Why have we decide to open Corte Grisela?

We are continuing the history of our family of winemakers, remaining faithful to the territory, organically cultivating the Garganega vine, promoting respect for nature and wanting to share all this through hospitality at Corte Grisela. The Tessari family called Grisela, has lived in this court since the end of the nineteenth century. Our great-grandparents Domenico 

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“This tells me a bright spring’s field: seed kindness, pick respect, grow serenity.” We chose this pic and quote to give you a moment of sun and peace from our vineyards. We hope it reaches you among the frenzy of post, comments, stories.

Harvest 2016

Our harvest this year began towards the beginning of September, with an excellent weather, we started the harvest of grapes for sparkling wine base. The grapes for the production of Grisela were collected starting from 25th September. Around September 20th in Costalta area we selected the suitable grapes for the production of Soave Classico Bine 

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The name “Grisela”

In Monteforte d’Alpone and surroundings Tessari is one of the most common surnames. The various branches of the family are many and to distinguish each other was common to give nicknames. In particular, the branch from which descended Antonio Tessari, grandfather of Cornelia, Antonio and Germano was called “Grisela” since before 1600. The Tessari “Grisela”, that comes from griso 

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Villa Brognoligo

Villa Brognoligo is near Costalunga’s square, southern of the main street of the village, now called via Lazzaretto. To the east is the road down to Alpone river, on which stands the sixteenth-century door, laying in the keystone of the family emblem with the initials FB (Francesco Brognoligo) and the year 1553, when the construction 

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