The Winery

“The starting point is always tradition that is then de-structured, rebuilt, updated.” Fernanda Gattinoni Located at the foot of the hills of Monteforte d’Alpone, the cellar of the Tessari family has been operating since 2007. The structure is an ideal blend between functionality and tradition. Spread over three floors, the cellar welcomes all the production 

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Harvest 2016

Our harvest this year began towards the beginning of September, with an excellent weather, we started the harvest of grapes for sparkling wine base. The grapes for the production of Grisela were collected starting from 25th September. Around September 20th in Costalta area we selected the suitable grapes for the production of Soave Classico Bine 

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Avus Garganega Sur Lie

Made from Garganega grapes, re-fermented in the bottle ‘col fondo’, as our grand parents used to do, before  modern sparkling techniques. A pleasant wine, easy to drink, produced from a blend of our Soave Classico with a slight addition of Recioto must. The wine is unfiltered and may show a slight deposit in the bottle, due 

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Arcerus Garganega Brut

The shape of our gentle hills of Soave Classico, inspired us a name for our Garganega Brut, Arcerus, an ancient toponym bound to the tradition and the history of Brgnoligo. We dressed up the bottle changing the image but keeping the wine making and the product as we always did it: single-grape Garganega, sparkled with 

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How Sparkling Wine is Made

In this simple and intuitive article Wine Folly explains the methods to produce a sparkling wine. 6 methods exists but the main ones are 2: Metodo Classico o Champegnoise Metodo Martinotti o Charmat Sparkling wines have different pressure levels which affect our perception of their taste. The higher the pressure, the more fine the bubbles. 

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Aldo’s Wine

A date with story in this article we dedicate to Azienda Tessari Aldo. Here’s the bottle and the label of Recioto di Soave which Aldo bottled in the 90’s. At that time the estate had an extension of 10 hectares including the hills of Magnavacche, Costalta and Monte Grande. In the beginning the wine was 

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News for the Vineyards

After the atmospheric conditions we had in the past years, some areas didn’t bear the excessive rains. In these days we are therefore working to restore the damaged areas. The difficulty is also due to the peculiar declivity of our vineyards, in particular of Magnavacche hill, the oldest one from where our story started.