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  • MC1_4179

    How to serve wine

    During the tastings that we offer in our winery, often somebody asks us what is the best way to serve the wine. Keeping firm the bottle
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    Vines are Crying

    Vines start waking, still numb from winter but not sleeping anymore, they start drinking water from the soil: crying. They dont’
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    Avus Garganega Sur Lie

    Today we are bottling Avus Garganega Sur Lie   We add a small part of Recioto to our Garganega wine base and we let it ferment in the
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    Young vines need all the care: not weeding but hoeing the ground to prevent infest 
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    “This tells me a bright spring’s field: seed kindness, pick respect, grow serenity.” We chose this pic and quote to
  • 28166336_935207066681501_1198529909705106310_n

    Grisela Soave Classico Doc

    AN ELEGANT DISH ASKS FOR AN ELEGANT WINE… and we’ve found the perfect match to our fresh #Snapper with the
  • 27539957_920616311473910_3351265037534410092_n

    Recioto di Soave Docg 2017

    After 5 months the dried grapes are ready to be pressed and become Recioto di Soave 2017!
  • 1513326844048

    Avus Garganega Sur Lie and Gnocchi with Radicchio

    How to resist in front of a nice plate of steaming dumplings and creamy dressing? These fragrant gnocchi with radicchio and saffron are
  • gelatina-di-mele-e-gorgonzola

    Tre Colli Recioto di Soave with Apple and Gorgonzola Jelly

    Ingredients 1 kg of apples 0,75 l of water half a lemon 7 50 g sugar raisins walnuts Spicy gorgonzola Procedure Wash the apples, clean
  • alici al forno

    Baked Anchovies and Bine Longhe Soave Classico

    A second course with fish: fast, healthy and tasty. For its characteristics we suggest matching it to Bine Longhe, late harvest.
  • #salmone marinato con #anicestellato #pepe #menta #lavanda e #therosa BINOMIO

    Salmon and Grisela Soave Classico Doc

    Salmon is a very delicate and nutritious fish: simple, quick to prepare and always tasty, but how to marinate salmon to enhance its
  • MC1_6498

    Bine Longhe 2016

    Busy morning: after a year in steal tank, we bottled Bine Longhe 2016, now we let it refine in our winery #cantinatessari