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    Guest Award 2018

    We are really happy to have achieved this quality goal already in the first months of activity, shown by your reviews. A special thanks
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    Santa Lucia and the “puoti”

    The “puoti” are, especially in Lessinia, the typical sweets of Santa Lucia (13th December) and Christmas. They are called
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    Rabbit with Apples

    • 1 rabbit • 1 kg of renette apples • 100 g of bacon • 1 liter of Soave Classico • 1 small glass of Recioto di Soave • 2 large onions •
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    Wine: stories and myths

    In the Greek world wine was considered a gift from the gods and all the myths agree in attributing to Dionysus, the youngest immortal
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    Caramelized Lemon Chicken

    The ‘Caramelized Lemon Chicken’ is an original recipe, tasty, simple and fast. An extra idea to cook chicken in a new,
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    Why are bottles of wine 0.75 ml?

    There are various theories to explain this particular unit of measurement, according to one of these all depends on the pulmonary force
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    Salmon Escalopes with Soave Classico

    Salmon escalopes with Soave Classico are a tasty main course to be prepared in just a few minutes. Ingredients for 4 people 8 slices
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    Why have we decide to open Corte Grisela?

    We are continuing the history of our family of winemakers, remaining faithful to the territory, organically cultivating the Garganega
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    Soave Classico Veal

    INGREDIENTS • 1 kg of veal loin • 1 glass of Soave Classico • 1 glass of dry Marsala • 1 clove of garlic • 1 sprig of sage • 1 sprig of
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    How to Taste Wine

    How to taste wine? We have always known rules about tasting wine, where some are real rituals while others are part of etiquette: there
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    Soave Classico Scallops

    Scallops are a typical Spanish tapa that can become a delicious appetizer, simple to prepare but with a refined touch. The wine
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    5 Things to Know before Visiting our Winery

    We give you a small guide we collected from the frequently asked questions we get from visitors: 5 things to know about us! 1. T dot, E