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  • Mondeghili polpette di carne, che proponiamo di Pollo in forma di spiedino, con Zucchine, Peperoni BISTROT AFRODITA

    Mondeghili and Arcerus Garganega Brut

    Mondeghili are a dish of the tradition of old Milan and are prepared with mixed boiled meat and fried in butter. Today they are often
  • MC1_3748gimp

    The Winery

    “The starting point is always tradition that is then de-structured, rebuilt, updated.” Fernanda Gattinoni Located at the

    10 Food Apps

    What has become clear is the rise in food technology. Innovations that work well in the food sector quickly spread to many other
  • MC1_4337

    Tour & Tasting

    A winery tour it’s a unique chance to discover the beauty of the land you are visiting. Soave Classico, placed between the beautiful
  • tiramisu-alle-castagne

    Tiramisù with Chestnut and Recioto di Soave

    Tiramisù with chestnuts is a dessert that matches very well with our Recioto di Soave. Following we publish the recipe. Ingredients: 2
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    Harvest 2016

    Our harvest this year began towards the beginning of September, with an excellent weather, we started the harvest of grapes for
  • DSCF8434


    “And if the horizon could talk, it would say that it’s tired of those gazes incapable of reaching it.”
  • Horseradish, quail egg, buttermilk, pickled chanterelles & crispy shallots, oh my! #BeefTartare #TheChaseTO

    Beef Tartare and Bine Longhe Soave Classico Doc

    Beef tartare is a meat dish made from finely chopped or minced raw beef or horsemeat. It is often served with onions, capers and
  • Campagnola mele frutta secca cannela TAVERNA DEGLI ARTISTI

    Apple Tart with Tre Colli Recioto di Soave

    Ingredients 1 pinch of salt 1 medium-large egg 125 gr 00 flour 30 ml warm water 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 750 g apples 60 g
  • MC1_4048x760

    Avus Garganega Sur Lie

    Made from Garganega grapes, re-fermented in the bottle ‘col fondo’, as our grand parents used to do, before  modern
  • MC1_4106x760

    Arcerus Garganega Brut

    The shape of our gentle hills of Soave Classico, inspired us a name for our Garganega Brut, Arcerus, an ancient toponym bound to the
  • Burrata di Andria con frisella pugliese e patè di oliva! BOUTIQUE FORM E SALUME

    Burrata and Frisella with Garganega Brut

    Burrata of Andria with frisella and olives paté by Boutique del Formaggio e Salume (Scandiano, RE). The perfect aperitivo