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  • gelatina-di-mele-e-gorgonzola

    Tre Colli Recioto di Soave with Apple and Gorgonzola Jelly

    Ingredients 1 kg of apples 0,75 l of water half a lemon 7 50 g sugar raisins walnuts Spicy gorgonzola Procedure Wash the apples, clean
  • alici al forno

    Baked Anchovies and Bine Longhe Soave Classico

    A second course with fish: fast, healthy and tasty. For its characteristics we suggest matching it to Bine Longhe, late harvest.
  • #salmone marinato con #anicestellato #pepe #menta #lavanda e #therosa BINOMIO

    Salmon and Grisela Soave Classico Doc

    Salmon is a very delicate and nutritious fish: simple, quick to prepare and always tasty, but how to marinate salmon to enhance its
  • MC1_6498

    Bine Longhe 2016

    Busy morning: after a year in steal tank, we bottled Bine Longhe 2016, now we let it refine in our winery #cantinatessari
  • MC1_1672

    How to Order Wine in a Restaurant

    At first glance, a restaurant’s wine list may seem like a humbling experience. But fear not, there are ways to decipher this puzzle.
  • a36f099422ec978f14fc9602a5326d18

    How Long Can a Bottle of Wine Stay Open?

    The question of how long you can keep an open bottle of wine before it’s past its prime elicits one of two answers: “What? Open
  • MC1_4566

    Ten Wine Tips for Beginners

    Wine should be simple. Here are some tips from Wine Enthusiast on finding great bottles on a budget, and how to kick start your
  • Polpettine di calamaro - Basilico Rosso

    Calamari Meatballs and Avus Garganega Sur Lie

    Calamari’s meatballs are a great idea for as appetizer or a second dish: delicious and very tasty. We recommend tasting this
  • copertina di Facebook

    Soave Versus 2017

    Over 50 selected cellars with more than 200 fine references, taste craftsmen, great chefs, communicators and artists. All this is Soave
  • Mondeghili polpette di carne, che proponiamo di Pollo in forma di spiedino, con Zucchine, Peperoni BISTROT AFRODITA

    Mondeghili and Arcerus Garganega Brut

    Mondeghili are a dish of the tradition of old Milan and are prepared with mixed boiled meat and fried in butter. Today they are often
  • MC1_3748gimp

    The Winery

    “The starting point is always tradition that is then de-structured, rebuilt, updated.” Fernanda Gattinoni Located at the

    10 Food Apps

    What has become clear is the rise in food technology. Innovations that work well in the food sector quickly spread to many other