Our vineyards

The first estate owned by grandfather Antonio, amounted to only 2 fields (just over 6000 square meters) in the area of “Magnavacche”, which even today is one of the three areas that make up the company vineyards. The road taken in 1933 proves successful, and every year grandfather Antonio manages to buy new vineyards.

The selection criteria of our grandfather are still the same which the Tessari brothers with their father Aldo maintain: only Garganega grape vineyards, located in the area of Soave Classico.

Today the company has a property of 13 hectares, with the acquisition of the hills of “Costalta” and “Castellaro”, areas of quality and tradition to produce a historical wine as the Soave Classico.

(Part Technique) The vineyards are planted over an average altitude ranging from 150 to 200 m / sl. This distribution allows the grapes to ripen in an ideal climate, healthy and airy, with a high temperature range that facilitate the maturation of the grapes at the right sugar content. The hillside location also means the vines to the benefit of a cool and dry soil, volcanic, rich of basaltic rocks and clay, which ensure the health of the plant and the exaltation of minerality and floral, characteristics of Garganega grape.

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