Villa Brognoligo

Villa Brognoligo is near Costalunga’s square, southern of the main street of the village, now called via Lazzaretto. To the east is the road down to Alpone river, on which stands the sixteenth-century door, laying in the keystone of the family emblem with the initials FB (Francesco Brognoligo) and the year 1553, when the construction was carried out or brought to completion. In front of the main house there is a large courtyard, partly fenced, where there are arcades, stables and other rustic.

The garden was created by Francesco Brognoligo, the house builder. The garden is bordered with a hedge and divided in half by a walkway. A branch of the ducts, created to irrigate the “Pradaria”, provided the necessary water.

The villa’s southern facade has a large marble staircase with six steps, it gave access to the small portal with stone edges. On the right and left there are three windows, which also have similar contours. At the center of the main floor is a door topped by a curved gable, which gave access to the balcony, supported by six stone shelves and equipped with an iron railing. The top floor was used as a granary and had seven small square windows, aligned with the underlying openings. The pitched roof was held up by stone shelves.

As for the interior, on the ground floor there was a hall, at whose sides there were four small rooms, two on each side. On the right stood the stairs.

The present building is not the one raised in the mid-sixteenth century by Francesco Brognoligo, because its architectural features lead it back without any doubt to the eighteenth century. The reconstruction is due to the noble Veronese family of Maffei, who came into possession of the assets of Rassa, who succeeded the Brognoligo in the late seventeenth century.