How to Taste Wine

How to taste wine? We have always known rules about tasting wine, where some are real rituals while others are part of etiquette: there are some that are worth keeping in mind.

Wine is not to be drunk, but to be tasted in small sips: the expression “a wine that fills the mouth” is only a metaphor to describe a particularly full-bodied wine. To taste a wine, lift your arm and bring the glass to your lips. The position where you literally throw your head back to drink, as well as not allowing the taste buds to taste the wine, only allow you to literally swallow it.

Wine should not be swallowed immediately but should be savored by rotating it with the tongue, to allow the taste buds to fill with wine molecules so as to be able to incorporate all the nuances.

Another wrong move is to take a long, deep sip and then hold it in your mouth. In addition, the glass is held from the stem and not from the glass.

If you have to taste some wines, start with the lighter one (alcoholically speaking as well as tannin level) and then continue with the increasingly “heavy” and strong, never the opposite, otherwise the taste of the first will cover the others.