How Sparkling Wine is Made

In this simple and intuitive article Wine Folly explains the methods to produce a sparkling wine. 6 methods exists but the main ones are 2:

  • Metodo Classico o Champegnoise
  • Metodo Martinotti o Charmat

Sparkling wines have different pressure levels which affect our perception of their taste. The higher the pressure, the more fine the bubbles. Here are some accepted terms for sparkling wine in terms of bubble pressure

The method we use to produce Garganega Brut is the Charmat method. The tank method came about during the industrial advancements made in the early 20th century. Base wines are added together with the sugar and yeast mixture into a large tank. As the wine has a second fermentation, the CO2 released from the fermentation causes the tank to pressurize, whereafter wines are then filtered, dosed  and bottled.

Tank method sparkling wines have a much more freshly made character with stronger secondary (yeasty) flavors.