Our Work

The current setting of the vineyards was planned by Germano Tessari who proposed a number of innovations to improve the quality and health of the vines.

In order to support the winery philosophy that places quality first, the family decided to change the form of farming of all vineyards in pergola Veronese unilateral and, in the more sloping areas, pergola trentina.

The use of a single branch fruiting, allowed to contain naturally the production. In addition, the bunch is naturally protected from excessive exposure to the sun during the very warm and sunny vintages as it matures below the vegetation, enjoying a fresher and airy “microclimate”. The position of the bunch makes easier the harvest and the selection for drying; moreover it allows targeted and non-dispersive treatments, ensuring the use of just small quantities of products with the best result.

Always to better quality and optimization of the resources used, the company Tessari preferred a system of drip irrigation than traditional spray or flowing irrigation methods, more dispersive and subjecting the plants and fruits to potential risks of rotting and fungi through excessive wetting.

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