A “Soave” Name

The word soave is an adjective, before being the proper name of the town of Soave. On the Italian vocabulary you find the following definition: a delicate sweetness, which leads to feelings of tender abandonment, or calm and placid serenity. It indicates the quality of what causes a feeling of satisfaction and tender delicate pleasure, reported to the senses of sight, taste, and smell. So what better adjective for a white wine, delicate and fresh, as Soave?

The name of the town of Soave derives from Swabians or Suavi, an ancient Germanic people that with the Lombard king Alboin attempted the conquest of Italy in 568. It is the simplification of the ancient Italian language of the German Schwaben, “Swabia”, the region of Germany origin of the house of Hohenstaufen. Recurs in the third canto of Dante’s Purgatory where he recalled the second wind of Soave, Henry VI of Swabia.