Soave Classico Wine Region

Soave is the name, and sweet are the characteristics of this area: soft and pleasant hills, among which are set like precious gems of history, medieval castles and elegant Venetian villas, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves that in these places have found a ideal place since the Greeks.

In the area to the east of Verona, the area of Soave consists of five valleys that bask in the sunny hills: the Valley Marcellise, the Mezzane, Val d’Illasi, Val Tramigna and Val d’Alpone. The latter is the most easterly and along with Soave town is the heart of Soave Classico.

The wines produced in the area of Monteforte, characterized by exposure to east / southeast, express the freshness and liveliness of the morning sun, and are distinguished by an intense floral scent.

The soil has volcanic origin, with a subsurface basalt and tuff, called “tovo” which, thanks to its structure and richness in elements, enhances freshness and minerality typical of our wines. In the area of Magnavacche and Costalta the soil is darker, with the presence of basaltic rocks, while Castellaro, in Brognoligo, is clearer predominantly clayish

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