Soave Classico and its History

Do you know the history of Soave Classico? We recaped it for you…

The presence of vines in our territory dates back to at least 40 millions years ago. The fossil found in the museum of Bolca, indicate the family of Ampelidee as the generating of European wild vines. In Tertiary Age the Alpone Valley, today the site of the vineyards, was completely covered by water except an atoll with tropical climate. Here was born the vine, although it is more likely that the basic varieties have come from the East, as has happened to most of European vineyards. For scholars more reliable, the emergence of historic stumps as Garganega is due to contamination of the grapes Retiche, originated by Ampelidee, and grapes from the Mediterranean.

Cassiodoro summarizes what the most important wine experts thought before the year 1ooo: in his epistles is recommended not to ever miss Veronese wines from white grapes in the royal table

“sweetest and full-bodied” capable of expressing “clear purity,  jovial whiteness and incredible sweetness “

In 1500, the area becomes an interesting laboratory production. In Soave they talk about “pole dry” viticulture to disconnect the plant from the trees which were often still attached, they affirmed the pergola with a more intelligent managing, and also spreads the low vines system.

In 1800 begin to differentiate quality productions from quantitative, they talk about the blend between Trebbiano di Soave and Garganega as best qualitative combination, and they try to figure out which vineyards are the most suitable.

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