The smell of flowers from the vineyards

“The girl comes from the fields,
at sunset,
carrying her sheaf of grass: in her fingers
a bunch of violets and roses..”


The rose in the vineyards is an ancient tradition, the sentinel who is first struck in the event of illness. Once, the winemakers planted them in the heads of the rows to protect their vineyards as it allowed the winemakers to act promptly on the problem to prevent damage to the crop. Mainly they were used for a matter of monitoring and verification, so it was easier to keep the biological cycles of insects and fungi under control, thus implementing the best defense.

Today, with the changing agricultural and vine-growing techniques, the planting of roses in the vineyards is only the inheritance of an ancient tradition, which, the “nostalgic” winemakers are particularly attentive to biological cycles (like us! ), continue to pass it on from spinning in rows and from generation to generation, coloring the countryside.

But that is not all! And if we told you that to have an untreated wine it is enough to adorn the vineyards with flowers? Yes, flowers. On the field, moreover. Nothing fancy, expensive or exotic. Simple native seeds, present in the Venetian countryside since the dawn of time

The target? Create an ecosystem that favors the development of a flora and fauna integrated with the vineyards, enriching the soil and at the same time attracting those insects capable of fighting in a natural way the parasites that attack the grapes. The system is simple: the flowers, planted between the rows, attract insects, which in turn are attracted and feed on plant pests. A system that already in the first year allows for a 40 percent reduction in pesticide treatments.

And with the scent of flowers that excites our sense of smell, let’s enjoy the beginning of this spring!