How to serve wine

During the tastings that we offer in our winery, often somebody asks us what is the best way to serve the wine.

Keeping firm the bottle is not always easy.

If the bottle is full, it must be kept in the middle in the way to limit the effort and to control at best wine’s flow.

Gradually the bottle is emptied, the centre of gravity moves it: sommeliers and experts move instincively the grip downward.

Do never forget that while you are serving wine the label must always be visible. The rule says that the small glass is filled for a bystander and the big glass for a quarter; only exception for sparklings that can almost reach the edge of the glass.

In all other cases it is better to serve few of it at the time.

It is not good serving too much wine in a small glass, making the glass become  too heavy and fading away the bouquet of the wine.

Also serve in a big wine glass doesn’t have sense since: the bouquet doesn’t succeed in reaching the nostrils of the guest, losing itself.

We remind besides that the temperature of service is not less important than the choice of the glass: to drink a good wine too warm or too  cold is as to serve it in a cup of coffee.

For our wines the recommended temperature is between 10 and 14 degrees.