Sea Bream in Sashimi and Garganega Brut

Not everyone knows that sea bream  is one of the finest Mediterranean fish as it has a very succulent meat to enjoy in the preparation of many delicious dishes, from the most simple and fast to those far more complex. We recommend pairing this dish with Garganega Brut.

You can bake it, accompanied by vegetables and baked potatoes. It’s also delicious in soups or fish sauce and also grilled: is a blessing for those who love good food.

For the preparation of finest dishes, however, it can be filleted and served with prawns for seafood spaghetti  or adding fresh porcini, you can savor the taste of sea and mountains.

To treat the fish in the best way you have to scale it well and rinse under running water, you will have to be very careful especially to remove the fish bones, but the effort is worth it because the meat it is so valuable to be compared with orata.

A little trick to make sea bream even more tasty baking it, will be to leave it to marinate for a few hours with extra virgin olive oil and aromatic spices to reuse later for the baking. Another tip is to prepare the fish in foil, to make the most uniform cooking, and place it on a hot plate for a time proportional to the weight of the fish.

In addition, if it is to be grilled is also recommended to grease the grill with olive oil and sprinkle the fish with breadcrumbs to facilitate the formation of a golden crust.

Image to the menu of The Pedrocchino

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