Salmon and Grisela Soave Classico Doc

Salmon is a very delicate and nutritious fish: simple, quick to prepare and always tasty, but how to marinate salmon to enhance its flavor?

Marinating fish is a very important task to make your recipes always tasty and to celebrate the natural taste of the raw material better.

To make a perfect marinade, you will have to clean the fish and decide in advance if you want to slice it  or to use it for sushi preparation. If you have to prepare a tartar or a salmon carpaccio, the advice is to marinate it so as to transfer some citrus notes.

Put the salmon in a bowl and cover it with a marinade made of half a lemon juice, a glass of vinegar, salt and pink pepper. Take the salmon for 1 hour before the preparation you chose.

Our version is the one of Binomio Restaurant, in combination with  Grisela Soave Classico.