Risotto with Soave Classico wine and scampi

Do you want to impress your darling (but also yourself) cooking for her something delicious?

Here there is the recipe for you! And if you want to give up in to the temptation of a glass of wine while you are cooking, do it with our “Arcerus Extra Brut”, it is ideal ad an aperitif and also as an accompaniment to your (definitaly) delicious risotto!



  • Carnaroli rice 320 gr
  • Shallot 2
  • Fine salt and black pepper
  • Butter 80 gr
  • Parsley 1 tuft
  • Soave Classico “Grisela”
  • Scampi 12
  • Garlic 2 cloves
  • Extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons
  • Brandy 40 ml

To prepare the risotto with Soave Classico “Grisela” wine and scampi started by cleaning them: remove the head of the prawns and remove the black thread of the intestine. Make two cuts in the shell placed on the shellfish belly and extract the pulp. Put aside the shrimp pulp and coarsely chopped the carcasses that will serve to prepare the broth with which to sprinkle the rice during cooking.

To prepare the shellfish broth, take a pan, add 2 tablespoons of oil and finely chopped shallots, then add the carcasses and brown them. Fade with brandy (or cognac as an alternative) and let it flambé.

Extend the shellfish broth with 250 ml of hot water and cook for 10 minutes on low heat, covering with a lid. Season with salt then, once ready, filter the broth and set aside.

Meanwhile, cut the flesh of the prawns into small pieces and fry them in a pan containing 2 tablespoons of oil and crushed garlic. Cook for 2 minutes, then pepper, turn off the heat and keep warm.

At this point proceed with the risotto: in a large pan put 50 g of butter to melt and add the chopped shallot, let it dry and then add the rice. Toast for a few minutes and gradually add the Soave Classico (at room temperature) until the bottle is finished.

Continue cooking the rice, adding the shellfish broth filtered a little at a time, until it is empty and when the rice is cooked. When the rice is al dente, add the shrimp meat and mix.

Turn off the heat and then add the remaining butter (30 g) together with a generous handful of chopped parsley, then stir. Serve the risotto with Soave Classico wine and scampi sprinkle with a little ‘pepper.

Buon appetito!