Prawns and Soave Classico Bine Longhe

Who has seen the movie Forrest Gump or attended seafood restaurants definitely knows: there are many ways to enjoy shrimps and prawns. If until a century ago prawns were scarce and sold mostly dried, since the twentieth century onward, with modern boats for fishing and refrigeration techniques this freshwater and saltwater delight came available to all.

Today we are spoiled for choice: how to prepare them?

1. If you have high-quality shrimps, it is best eaten raw. Just peel them, remove the head and dark filaments and with a light emulsion of oil and lemon they are ready to be brought to the table, perhaps accompanied by a fresh salad or just few basil leaves.

2. If the raw food does not convince you, but you fear the effects of cooking, try marinading: cover the shrimps with lemon juice and minced or crushed garlic and let marinate in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. At the end the shrimp will be white, fresh and to season only with salt and pepper.

3. Obviously  the fires and cook option remains valid. Anyway shrimps don’t need a long time cooking, just some minutes at most: just boil them, drain and let them cool to have them ready for a classic shrimps cocktail as an aperitif. Do not forget the pink sauce: ketchup, mayonnaise, cream and a touch of Cognac and Worchester sauce.

4. Alternatively, you may cook them in the pan: reduce prawns with white wine and let the fire no more than ten minutes. Again  salt and lemon juice are sufficient for a delicious and light meal.

5. For more colorful and tasty prawns you can instead use the grid: at the discretion of the cook use or not the skewers, while marinading in olive oil and lemon, for at least half an hour, is highly recommended. If you have no grill and coals, the stove will work just as well. For a stronger taste, add to the emulsion some other flavor, such as garlic and parsley.

6. If it’s not too hot you could even turn on the oven and prepare a perfect variant for seafood dinners: just place prawns in a baking dish and marinate them with olive oil, lemon and pink pepper for about half an hour. At this point put the whole pan in a preheated oven at 180 °  and in 15 minutes they will be ready. As an alternative to baking dish you can also use a tin foil, to better preserve all the aromas and humidity.

7. In the oven  you can even cook prawns au gratin: after carved and laid on a baking sheet, stuff them with parsley, garlic, Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, olive oil, salt and pepper. In ten minutes at 180 ° prawns are look golden and ready to be enjoyed.

8. Among the low fat cooking the ideal is steam. For an aromatic variant just remember to add to the water lime, oranges and grapefruit cut into wedges, with the skin: prawns absorb the perfume and after five minutes they will require only a light emulsion of juice orange, olive oil and a pinch of salt.

9. More nourishing are shrimp cakes. Chopped shrimp and prawns are mixed with egg yolk and boiled potatoes or bread crumbs for a softer result, adding salt and chopped parsley. The meatballs are formed by hand, floured or in the breadcrumbs and cook in a pan with oil for a couple of minutes per side.

10. On their composition all have more or less fanciful hypotheses, but here we will solve the doubt: prawn or dragon clouds of chinese restaurants are really made with the beloved shellfish. The preparation is a bit long, but you can try without too much difficulty. The prawns or shrimp are chopped and mixed well with tapioca flour, salt and pepper. The dough is shaped like a sausage and steamed; once cooled cut it into very thin slices. At this point fry the slices, making sure they do not become too dark.

Picture from Canada with Soave Classico Bine Longhe 2012. Enjoy!

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