Pizza and Wine: how to pair them?

Pizza is perhaps the food that most represents Italy in the world: beautiful, tasty, everyone agrees. What could be nicer than making pizza at home? Nothing, especially if you let yourself be guided in the choice of pairing a wine with it, have you ever tried?

Pizza opens to a huge wine world, because the dough can host a lot of ingredients. In this article we suggest a recipe to try at home and to pair with Avus Garganega Sur Lie: the acidity of the Garganega grapes will balance the fatness of the sausage on the pizza and the hints of yeast in the re fermented wine in the bottle will recall the hints of the dough.

Roman pizza with sausage and cardoncelli mushrooms

Ingredients for pizza dough:

800 g flour type 1,

200 g whole spelled flour, or 1 kg of flour type zero

750 g of water,

16 g salt,

20 g extra virgin olive oil,

3 g dry yeast.

Ingredients for flavoring Roman pizza:

300 g tomato,

50 g fennel seeds,

500 g sausage,

800 g Cardoncelli mushrooms,

a clove of garlic,

oil evo

salt, pepper and fine herbs


Put all the flour in a bowl, together with 700 g of water, mix lightly and add the yeast, the remaining water and begin to knead, then add salt and oil and continue to knead until a smooth mixture is obtained. Leave to rest for at least 15 minutes.

Put some flour on a work surface, pour the dough, spread it slightly and make two folds, lifting the two sides of the dough. Put again the dough inside the bowl and let it rise in the fridge for 24 hours.

Remove the dough from the fridge, form the desired size and let it rise at room temperature for 4 hours. Meanwhile, in a pan, stir the cardoncelli mushrooms with olive oil, garlic and herbs. Spread the dough and transfer it to the baking tray, then season starting with tomato, mushrooms previously sautéed and finally the sausage cut into pieces and fennel seeds.

Bake at maximum temperature and cook for about 15/18 minutes.