Pappardelle with Asparagus and Shrimp Tail

Pappardelle pasta with asparagus and shrimp tail are a main course with a delicate, refined taste, very simple to prepare but impress your guest. The combination of shrimp with asparagus is a perfectly successful match, becoming a classic of our Mediterranean cuisine. This makes them an excellent dish to match with Grisela Soave Classico.


Pappardelle 320 g
Butter 30g
1 small onion
200 g shrimp tail
Asparagus 400 g
Soave Classico white wine 60 ml
Cream 200 ml, or a ladle of the cooking water
Chives (or parsley), chopped 2 tablespoons
Salt q.s.
Pepper q.s.

To prepare pasta with asparagus and shrimp start by cleaning the asparagus, put them to boil into asparagera or in a tall, narrow saucepan, taking the tips out of the water. Cooking should not be prolonged for the asparagus must maintain a certain consistency. Remove the asparagus from the pot and cut half into slices.
Keep the tips you will use to garnish the dish. Use the other half of the asparagus to create a sauce: blend the asparagus in a mixer with a ladle of cooking water until the mixture is creamy.
Meanwhile, melt 30 grams of butter in a frying pan, add a small onion, finely chopped; sprinkle everything with Grisela Soave Classico and let evaporate.
Add the shrimp tails, cook for a few minutes and add the asparagus slices and sauce, then add cream or cooking water, according to your taste; add salt and pepper. Boil the pasta, add to the sauce prepared, making them cook together.
Garnish with asparagus tips kept aside, add chopped parsley and serve the pasta with asparagus and shrimp.