Onion Soup

With its anti-flu and tonic properties for blood vessels, rich in Vitamin C, diuretic and which favors digestion, what kind of vegetables are we talking about? His majesty, the onion!

There is nothing to cry and, please, do not blindfold your eyes! Instead, keep the onion in the fridge at least an hour before cutting it and wash it with water immediately before slicing it!

To make the most of it, also considering the season we are in, here’s an easy and cheap recipe: soup with onions.


• 500 g of white onions

• 2 tablespoons of flour

• 1 teaspoon of sugar

• 1/2 glass of  Soave Classico

• fresh thyme

• 500 g of hot meat broth

• extra virgin olive oil

• 1 nut of butter

• homemade sliced ​​bread

• 50 g of grated aged Monteveronese

To make the onion soup start thinly slicing the onions and let them stew gently in a saucepan with oil and butter for 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent them from sticking. When they have become transparent, add the flour and sugar and stir until the flour becomes colored. It will take about 2 minutes.

Add the white wine and let it evaporate. When you no longer smell the alcohol, add the hot stock and thyme. Season with salt and pepper and bring to a boil. Cover the pot and continue cooking, over low heat for about 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

At the end, transfer the soup to the individual cocotte, place the slices of bread on top and sprinkle with grated Monteveronese. Pass the casseroles in the oven, under the grill, until the cheese is melted and lightly gratinate. Remove from the oven, garnish each portion with a round of oil to taste, a few leaves of thyme and a sprinkling of fresh pepper and serve the steaming onion soup.


In order to balance the sweet tendency of the onion, it is preferable to combine a white wine with an intense and acidic scent, such as our Soave Classico Grisela. Enjoy your meal!