Mondeghili and Arcerus Garganega Brut

Mondeghili are a dish of the tradition of old Milan and are prepared with mixed boiled meat and fried in butter. Today they are often served as an aperitif or as a second dish with vegetables and potatoes.

It is a legacy that Milan retains from the Spanish domination: ‘albondiga’ is the term that in Spain generally identifies meatballs, a word which in turn comes from the arab ‘al-bunduc’ and not just the word. It was the Arabs to teach the Spanish to make the meatballs.

A curiosity: In Milan it is tradition to eat hot mondeghili in winter and cold in summer.

Ingredients for 4 people

300 g. boiled meat leftovers
1 egg
bread wet in milk, squeezed and passed through the sieve
Chopped parsley
8 tablespoons breadcrumbs


Mix everything, make balls big as a nut and crush a little, coast in breadcrumbs and fry them in the butter. To enrich the dough you can use sausage, raw salami or mortadella, possibly liver, to give more flavor. By adding a boiled and crushed potato, the meatballs will be soft and lighter.

The Bistrot Afrodita proposes them with chicken, in skewer with zucchini and peppers, accompanied by lettuce and cucumber mayonnaise.

Let’s drink with it a glass or two of Arcerus Garganega Brut