The House of Brognoligo

The family Marassi or Marassini was already famous in Verona during the short domination of Carraresi, lords of Padua, before the city on the banks of Adige river submit himself to Venice.

The original name of the family – Marassi or Marassini – was a nickname from marasso, a term designating a snake common in many areas of northern Italy. The emblem of Marassi is then represented with an emblem in which two golden vipers appear tackled on a red background.

Marassi are probably an example of those families emigrated to Verona from Costabissara, a village about 10 km from Vicenza. In Verona they acquired the nickname from Brognoligo, then modified in Brognoligo, which came from the possession of a land fund and a villa in the small town of Valle d’Alpone.