Independent Winemakers (FIVI)

“The FIVI winemaker’s wine is alive, gives pleasure, it’s son of his territory and  thought. Authentic expression of a culture”

The Italian Federation of Independent Winemakers brings together growers who follow these criteria:

  • He cultivates his vineyards, bottling his own wine, personally takes care of his own product. Sell all or part of his wine in the bottle, under its responsibility, with his name and his label.
  • The winemaker gives up the purchase of grapes or wine for commercial purposes. He would only buy grapes for wine making extreme demands, in accordance with the laws in force.
  • The winemaker respects the standards of the profession, limiting the use of additives unnecessary and expensive, focusing his attention on the production of healthy grapes that do not need make up.

The main mission of the Association of Soave Winemakers is to restore dignity of Soave wine to the eyes of the consumer, through an operation of transparency and information. The Winemakers of Soave assume responsibility for their own activities for the environment, for the balance of the eco system and the entire production cycle, towards sensitive consumers and interested in learning about the origin and traceability of the wine production and guarantee its quality.

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