The importance of a proper glass

The information below isn’t really about social-cultural etiquette as much as it’s about how a wine glass controls the tasting experience and ultimate makes any wine taste better. And, if having the right glass is an important aspect of drinking better wine, then it’s well worth knowing!

A study came out in February of 2015 by a Japanese medical group who developed a special camera that photographs ethanol vapors as they leave the opening of a glass. The reason why ethanol vapors are a useful thing to photograph is because this is how the wine aromas enter your nose.

White wines are typically served in smaller bowled glasses.

  • Preserve floral aromas
  • Maintain cooler temperature
  • Delivers more aromas (even at cooler temperatures) due to proximity to nose

Red wines are typically served in larger bowled glasses

  • Delivers more aroma compounds vs. the burn of ethanol from being farther from nose
  • Larger surface area to let ethanol evaporate
  • Wider opening makes wines taste smoother

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