Our Story

Grisela is the nickname of our family, it comes from the particolar hair color between blonde and grey of the family members.


Granpa Antonio

The grandfather, Antonio Tessari, in 1933 began the path of the winery, in a small place “the caneva” dug by hand and few tools, promoting the passion that still involves all the “Grisela”.


Aldo e Bianca

Aldo and Bianca, “father and mother” with many sacrifices developed the winery and transmitted the passion for the grape Garganega, creating the first Recioto that still today the company produces.


Tessari's Brothers

Now, the third generation, Antonio, Germano and Cornelia, has collected the legacy of their parents and the tradition of a family production, bringing the T.E.S.S.A.R.I wine in all continents, promoting the love for their land in the world.