Harvest at Cantina T.E.S.S.A.R.I.

This describes the harvest from the Treccani vocabulary:

vendémmia (harvest) s. f. [Lat. vīndēmia, lat. late vĭndēmia, comp. of the themes of vīnum “wine” and demĕre “levare”]. – 1. Agricultural operation of grape harvesting, to be consumed as a fruit and destined for vinification: to make the v .; the works of the v.; the peasants are all in the field for the v .; begin, anticipate, delay the v .; the time of the v., and also the harvest, the time in which the grape is harvested (generally, the end of September): for the v., we were still in the country that year.

For us at Cantina Tessari is, literally, the satisfaction in “reaping our fruits”.

The effort is so great: the working hours with raised arms are repeated on the back, at the end of the day the doctor recommends the best cure: a glass of wine in company.

We must remember to lift and transport the crates full of grapes, which for us are around 3 – 3.5 kg, always with correct postures and, regardless of pride, asking for help from colleagues.

The insects that flutter next to us are multiple; attracted by the sweetness of grape juice (how can you blame them anyway!).

A few tricks that are satisfied by the beauty of the hilly landscapes, by the scents that surround us and by the chatter among workers.

The thought of the wine that will come fills the thoughts of our cellar master Antonio. Germano, on the other hand, with the care of a mother with her newborn child picks up the bunches almost caressing them. Cornelia is already looking to some new country in the world to introduce our Soave, our Garganega. Aldo and Bianca, with vigilant and attentive actions, help and monitor their children.

During the harvest the spirits are in ferment, the must rests in the tanks until next year, the grapes for the Recioto are to wither in the loft.

“No wine for me tonight!” “What happens, do you feel ill? Come on, come here and pass it all! And remember: the best medicine is the one that comes from the cellar!”

Elisa Franco