Grandpa Antonio Winery

The “caneva” (tiny cellar) dug by grandpa Antonio was a small room just 24 meters wide. It took an entire summer to build it: inside the cellar he put two wooden barrels: 12 and 8 hectoliters. Only after a year he managed to build two concrete tanks, of 21 and 23 hectoliters each.

There were no other tools except hands and a copper bucket to pour the wine out and the feet to press the grapes.

All the family, 5 daughters and only one son, Aldo, during the harvest time had to wait in the courtyard, only carrying a vat, a copper bucket and a “sessola” (a small wooden shovel). The daughters entered into the tanks and, with their bare feet, begun to crush the grapes like a ritual dance. Antonio made the pouring operations with his bucket.

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