Gragnano Vesuvi and Grisela Soave Classico

Vesuvi pasta of Gragnano with lamb and Piccadilly tomato matched to Grisela Soave Classico. Try this recipe at Granpasso Restaurant, Via Velo 68 in Velo d’Astico (VI)

For best results to cook pasta here are some good tips:

  • The amount of water required is to be assessed in relation to the quantity and shape of the pasta to be cooked (for paccheri, for example, it takes much more water than for penne): the ideal ratio should be about 5 liters per 500 gr. of pasta.
  • The shape of the pot is important, because it must be able to contain completely and immediately all pasta at the time when you put it in boiling water (to cook spaghetti and any long pasta would be better with an oval-shaped pot). It is not always necessary to ‘stir’ pasta during cooking: this operation, if necessary, should be done only a few minutes after the resumption of boiling, taking care to use ladles and / or wooden forks.
  • The draining of  cooked pasta should be done very gently, pulling pasta out the water (with forks, ladles or colander already inserted into the pot) when still very al dente allowing subsequent seasoning and preparation (for this it is useful to keep a little ‘cooking water).
    It must be remembered, finally, that pasta cooked al dente, in addition to better preserve its nutritional principles, it is more suitable for a tasting with satisfaction and delight.