It’s “GALDEGA” time!

In T.E.S.S.A.R.I. vinery the harvest is over!

This vintage due to the difficult and unstable climatic conditions but with perseverance and commitment we have selected the best grapes to maintain our quality standards.

Having said this, we have deemed it appropriate not to produce the 2019 vintage of our Bine Longhe. The drying in the vineyard and late harvesting would have been too risky given the weather conditions of the period.

Despite these unexpected weather conditions, it will certainly be a great year!

And what is the best way to end the harvest? The “GALDEGA”!

In Veneto it is called “Galdega”, but in the rest of the boot it is known as the “benfinita”, the party to sanction the end of the period spent in the vineyards to harvest the grapes.

All that remains is to toast in joy at the new vintage!