G as Garganega!

Some information on the vine that we cultivate obtaining our 5 different expressions of Garganega!

The Garganega grape is the most important white grape variety of the provinces of Verona and Vicenza, and dominates the hills of the DOC Soave and Gambellara. Garganega does not have a distinct aromatic quality, but a wealth of aromas among which almond and white flowers stand out and have a very long biological development, reaching maturity in October. It has a hard and particularly yellow (almost red) peel when it is ripe.

The leaf is medium-sized, pentagonal, somewhat elongated.

The ripe bunch is up to 25 cm long, cylindrical-pyramidal in shape and with well-developed “wings” (they are side branches of the bunch), rather sparse.

The grape is of medium size with a golden-yellow peel that in good exposures also becomes amber and leathery yellow.

The resulting wine starts from a straw yellow color to an amber yellow for Recioto, with floral and almond scents, it is fresh and sapid on the palate.  

And now.. enjoy a glass of Soave Classic!