Fish Appetizer – Sea Scallop

Sea scallops on chicory essence, tomatillo and fried lettuce.

Appetizer in March Menu of the restaurant La Peca (Lonigo-VI)


Sea scallops are a very valuable shellfish, comparable to oysters and rich in Omega 3.

It’s a bivalve mollusk, made so by two orange-red shells joined by a sliding hinge, with 14-16 ribs, the upper one has a more intense color than the one below, clearer and convex. It reaches the size of about 12-14 cm.

The scallop is very firm and tender, not rubbery and is very tasty both raw or cooked. The coral, the orange part, is creamier than the white part. It is the third most consumed shellfish in the world right after the oyster and mussels. We recommend the pairing with Garganega Brut.