The feminine wine!

The feminine wine is made of sharing and sensations whether it be an aperitif with friends, a special dinner or a relaxing glass after a busy day at work.

But training and passion are the foundations for women of wine. From a survey on “Female Entrepreneurship in the food chain” conducted by Pink Lady and Swg, 80% of the interviewees said they came from a family of agro-food entrepreneurs, 60% decided it because they always thought of work on their own and 2/3 are happy with the choice made.

The relationship that binds women to wine has undergone important and numerous transformations over time. At the beginning of the diffusion of wine as a daily drink, at the time of the Roman Empire, women could not even taste it; a woman surprised to drink wine was judged and punished by the authorities and the crime committed was comparable to infamy and adultery. But it does not matter to go back in time: even in the ’70s, then less than fifty years ago, a young woman seen in public with a glass of wine in her hand was considered a “bad girl”. In just a few years this type of relationship has seen a total upheaval: today it is women who are the greatest consumers and admirers of this product. Many are those who do not hide to love a good bottle of wine to be consumed in company. Wine is like a beautiful woman: attractive, sensual and through which the woman herself can be found there being a wine suitable for each of us. Moreover, like every woman, wine attracts and fascinates man but can only be understood by other women. Wine is an accessory, just like a heel or a lipstick and is increasingly used to show off to others and for this reason, in fact, women prefer the consumption of “nectar of Bacchus” at dinner and in company.

Several studies have confirmed that women approach the wine around 20 years and prefer fruity white wines as well as being the largest consumers and estimators of the timeless bubbles. Compared to a few years ago the consumption of wine by the female world increased by 30% just like their interest; In fact, the women who participate in it are increasingly involved in sommelier courses. Furthermore, the level of study of those who are passionate about this sector is often graduated or graduated. Even in the countries where wine culture is now being born, such as China and Japan, the number of interested parties has as its protagonist the woman.

In short, to women of wine and not, we of Cantina T.E.S.S.A.R.I. we wish you a good woman’s party with the best company ever .. A good glass of wine, better if it is a Soave Classico!