Why have we decide to open Corte Grisela?

We are continuing the history of our family of winemakers, remaining faithful to the territory, organically cultivating the Garganega vine, promoting respect for nature and wanting to share all this through hospitality at Corte Grisela.

The Tessari family called Grisela, has lived in this court since the end of the nineteenth century. Our great-grandparents Domenico and Santa, have left three houses to their children: Antonio (our grandfather), Cesare and Battista.

Over the years, the grandfather Antonio and our parents Aldo and Bianca, have bought the cousins’ houses to create a single village; this is how Corte Grisela was born.

The oldest house has been renovated to give life to the hospitality of the Tessari family: 3 bedrooms, breakfast room and a relaxation area with a hot tub.

Tours to discover our vineyards and the winery are always available.