Corte Grisela is a small corner of stillness on the hills of Verona, where you will welcome you with the simplicity of a family.

You can walk through vineyards and woods which characterize the land of Soave Classico, or relax at sunset with a glass of wine in your hand.

You can admire our vineyards from the relaxing area with jacuzzi, deck chairs and wine bar, included in your booking.

In the lobby you find a wine fridge with the wines at service temperature. Ice machine and bucket at your disposal.

We can also book a winery tour with wine tasting. In our winery you can also find a wine shop where you can buy and ship our wines and olive oil at home.

Book your holiday including:

  • Double or Single Suite
  • Buffet Breakfast with local products
  • WiFi, TV, Air Conditioned
  • Private Bathroom with Shower
  • Organic Toiletries | Towels set
  • Relaxing lounge with Jacuzzi | Bathrobe, towel and slippers


  • Check in at Corte Grisela
  • Walk through the vineyards and winery tour
  • Wine tasting of 5 wines with local food
  • Overnight in Double Suite
  • Access to the relaxing area with Jacuzzi and ice bucket with wines available
  • Breakfast with local food
  • You can buy and ship our wines and olive oil at home



An extra cuddle for those who choose to stay at Corte Grisela.

In the welcoming environment of the relax area with jacuzzil, you can choose to relax even more with a holistic massage.

  • Ritual of the 8 Oils

A sensory and emotional massage using a sequence of essential oils in therapeutic synergy, exerting a light touch along the back, restoring vital energy and the whole organism. A synergy of 8 essential oils, to enjoy their aroma on a physical and sensorial level.

  • Water ritual

A vibrational and relaxing massage with the ancient Tibetan bells, with the aim of rebalancing the energy points. Some will be filled with water to create a dance of sounds.

The massages last 45 minutes and at the end a natural herbal tea awaits you.

You can view the costs in the Extra Services section before completing the booking.