Corte Grisela

After the cooking test of last week with the risotto with Soave Classico wine “Grisela” and scampi, this weekend you can put pots and ladles aside to relax in the “Corte Grisela” jacuzzi: allow yourself a glass of “Avus” sur lie, a sparkling and genuine wine that will make your stay carefree and bubbly!

Talking about our Corte is equivalent to talking about our family. The courtyard is just like the one of the past, an open space overlooked by the houses of the members of the “Grisela” family. You will be immersed in the atmosphere that was lived 50 years ago when the children shared the same space to play and had fun for the simple fact of being outdoors. Surrounded by the vineyards of the Soave Classico, among these hills you will find that corner of quiet that regenerates you.

But Corte Grisela is not only this, it is also the passion and the revaluation of the territory: uniqueness that bind the brothers Antonio, Germano and Cornelia. Each with his/her own role carries on with stubbornness the family business and enhances its roots.

A structure full of history as the realities that surround it but at the same time modernized with taste and style that does not invade but perfects.

In short, there is nothing left to do but to try!