How to store wine at home

Having the cellar at home to preserve the wines, making them refine is the dream of every good connoisseur, but we do not always have the underground environments to dedicate to this purpose.

Very important for the choice of the environment to use is the temperature; in fact, the best cellars have a temperature that remains stable around 15 degrees or at most twenty. Furthermore, the space to be chosen must also be dark and damp. The ideal solution would be to choose a closet in which to install an air conditioner that also has the function of a humidifier so as to be able to control both temperature and degree of humidity. Another precaution to be taken in order not to ruin the wine is to keep it away from strong odors such as shoes, detergents and food because the cork can absorb them and transmit them to the wine which, as is well known, has a high capacity to absorb the aromas of the surrounding environment. Precisely for this last reason, if you decide to use the room of the house as a cellar it is important to dedicate it only to the wines.

Furthermore, it is essential to keep the cork bottles in a horizontal position, because it is good that the wine is always in contact with the cork and keeps it always moist; the common belief that in this way will know how to stopper is wrong, in fact, if the cap will always remain wet it will not allow the air to enter the bottle, and therefore it will prevent the formation of mold and fungi on the cork that can ruin the characteristics of the product . To make sure that the bottles are always in the correct position, a wooden bookcase or a wooden bottle rack can be used as a shelf. It is important to position down, closer to the floor, the bottles of wine most sensitive to temperature changes as the heat tends to rise upwards and therefore the lower shelves will always be the freshest.