Vines are Crying

Vines start waking, still numb from winter but not sleeping anymore, they start drinking water from the soil: crying. They dont’ cry alone but together: they prefer to drink in unison, as if they learned from men who happily gather in front of a glass of wine.


“This tells me a bright spring’s field: seed kindness, pick respect, grow serenity.” We chose this pic and quote to give you a moment of sun and peace from our vineyards. We hope it reaches you among the frenzy of post, comments, stories.

Grisela Soave Classico Doc

AN ELEGANT DISH ASKS FOR AN ELEGANT WINE… and we’ve found the perfect match to our fresh #Snapper with the ‘Grisela’ Soave Classico 2016 from @cantinatessari Produced with 100% Garganega grapes, the #minerality of this wine brings a dance of crushed seashells on the tongue and the taste of stone fruit, citrus and delicate florals. An experience in itself 

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