82 Calories

Do you consider the wine a bitter enemy of your shape? Do you prefer a coca light than a glass of grape juice during the aperitif? Nothing could be more wrong! According to a scientific research by Harvard Medical School, it seems that those who drink moderately tend to gain less weight than those who 

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Onion Soup

With its anti-flu and tonic properties for blood vessels, rich in Vitamin C, diuretic and which favors digestion, what kind of vegetables are we talking about? His majesty, the onion! There is nothing to cry and, please, do not blindfold your eyes! Instead, keep the onion in the fridge at least an hour before cutting 

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Pruning Method

The attention and care of the vineyard comes also through the pruning phases. Germano takes this care updating himself with new methods, which follow all the phases of life of the plant. At the beginning of this year he followed a pruning course update with “Simonit & Sirch”. Branched pruning allows the vine to grow 

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Guest Award 2018

We are really happy to have achieved this quality goal already in the first months of activity, shown by your reviews. A special thanks to all the guests who stayed at Corte Grisela in 2018!  

Santa Lucia and the “puoti”

The “puoti” are, especially in Lessinia, the typical sweets of Santa Lucia (13th December) and Christmas. They are called so because they have the shape of a doll, a “puoto” and the legend says that to create them was precisely Santa Lucia, appeared in the form of an old old woman who had asked hospitality 

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Rabbit with Apples

• 1 rabbit • 1 kg of renette apples • 100 g of bacon • 1 liter of Soave Classico • 1 small glass of Recioto di Soave • 2 large onions • 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds • butter, oil, salt, pepper With a sharp knife make some incisions on the rabbit and cover them 

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Wine: stories and myths

In the Greek world wine was considered a gift from the gods and all the myths agree in attributing to Dionysus, the youngest immortal son of Zeus, the introduction of the cultivation of the vine among men, so much so that Dionysus, the god of wine , was the object of worship not only among 

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