Bianca and Aldo: mother and father

Aldo, only son among six children, besides help his father in the vineyards, was laborer and smith: hard work but it helped him to improve the family business until he started to buy the first fields in 1957 in Costalta hill.
In 1964 Aldo got married with Bianca Dal Bosco, born in Brognoligo in a wine traders family. She was called “the German girl”, because of her blond hair and blue eyes, beautiful and smart, she managed with her mother the family pub. She devoted herself full-time in the winery, suggesting Aldo to buy new fields every year, until they reached the actual 13 hectares.
All the vineyards are located in the hills, surely making them harder to be cultivated, but even more suitable: a vineyard’s hill is where good wine come from.
Aldo built his own winery like his father before and named it “Magnavacche”. The structure and the equipment were innovative and this made the winery able to improve. He produced wine for locals and pubs in the area, in the “basso Veronese” (the southern zone of Verona) and in Lombardia.
In few years the wine started to be appreciated by the great producers of Soave which decided to buy and bottle Aldo’s wine.

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