(Almost) Everything on wine glasses

Today we want to concentrate on glasses for white wine (a veiled connection with the products of our cellar!).

The white wine glasses have a narrow and tapered shape, reminiscent of sparkling wine glasses. The long stem from which they are grabbed helps to keep the wine warm in a short time, this because the white wine must be served cold. The white wine glass also has a reduced capacity based on the following rule: the less it is paid, the less chance it will get. So, to avoid that your guests have to taste warm white wine, it is advisable to pour them as the other one.

When setting a table for special festive occasions, the arrangement of wine glasses – as well as that for cutlery – is very precise. They must be placed above the knives, which in turn must be positioned to the right of the cover. According to the etiquette of the table, the glass for the water must be placed completely on the right above the cutlery, to the left of which we find a white wine glass and next to it a glass for red wine. There is a rule that requires a maximum of 5 glasses that would be: 1 for water, 2 for red wine and 2 for white wine.

To be able to enjoy your precious wine glasses for a long time, after use you should subject them to thorough cleaning. In the case of fine wine glasses, hand washing is always the best choice. By putting them in the dishwasher you will run a big risk, even though the glasses are indicated as dishwasher-safe. With mechanical cleaning, in fact, the very thin crystal and other fine glassware could break.

For hand washing we recommend using warm water and a mild detergent. Too aggressive substances can ruin the surface of your precious wine glasses. For this reason it is better to avoid rubbing the glasses of value with force. Carefully dip them in the water and slowly remove them.

For drying it is not recommended to use a non-cotton cloth as it releases those annoying “pelurs” that stick to the glass and that will hardly make the glass look clean.

With the correct “mise en place” for your glasses, you will certainly notice!

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