82 Calories

Do you consider the wine a bitter enemy of your shape? Do you prefer a coca light than a glass of grape juice during the aperitif? Nothing could be more wrong!

According to a scientific research by Harvard Medical School, it seems that those who drink moderately tend to gain less weight than those who doesn’t drink at all. A healthy wine, moreover, is far healthier than an industrially produced drink, which is rich in chemical additives, as well as various spirits and cocktails, in which there are many other high-calorie ingredients.

The rule to keep in mind is: more alcohol, more calories. The energy content in wine is much lower than the spirits that you could order as an aperitif, but it is also lower than a can of any sweetened carbonated drink, a beer, a cold tea or an industrial fruit juice because, although the energy value per 100 ml is lower, the quantity consumed is generally at least double or triple.

The benefits linked to the (moderate) consumption of wine should not be underestimated: polyphones (natural antioxidants), for example, fight free radicals, reduce the risk of developing tumors and are an important defense barrier against cardiovascular damage.

In short, to lose weight we must eliminate junk food, not wine!

Ah, and the calories of a dry white wine are 82, those of red wine 85: this is one more reason to prefer a glass of Soave Classico as an aperitif!