5 Things to Know before Visiting our Winery

We give you a small guide we collected from the frequently asked questions we get from visitors: 5 things to know about us!

1. T dot, E dot, S dot.. What all those dots in the name?

Tessari is a common surname in Monteforte d’Alpone, and there are other wineries whose owner are Tessari’s. We made this graphic choice to distinguish from others and be recognized as “the ones with the dots” #withdots.

2. Where are your vineyards?

The closest vineyard, the one we visit during tour, is behind the winery, at the foot of Magnavacche hill. All our vineyards are on hills: Magnavacche, Costalta and Castellaro.

3. Why only single-variety wines?

We always and only cultivated the Garganega grape, indigenous, high expression of our hills and of Soave Classico. It’s the grape we know best.

4. What is Corte Grisela?

Corte Grisela is the new expression of our hospitality: we created 3 rooms for overnight and breakfast, in the ancient courtyard of our family. A way to give you a more complete experience to whom will visit our land.

5. Is it possible to visit the winery?

We are available Monday to Friday and by request on weekends. The tour always includes the vineyard, winery and appassimento, tasting of 5 wines matched to local food.